The Corporate State

A "corporate state" is a very different animal than a "corporate nation."   The latter refers to large multinatonal corporations which have annual revenues exceeding the finances of many countries.   The corporate state, however, is an entity which brings together many corporations with various other parties and vested interests, coordinating and using their collective influence to yield nearly total control over a society.

A corporate state functions outside of the democratic process.   However, in exercising its influence and control over the politics of the society, it manages to create the appearance of being democratically run.

A large corporation can simply overwhelm governments with its size, but the corporate state tends to wield its control more subtly by creating a convergence of interests among a large number of smaller players, setting forth an agenda which contains everybody's payoff.   By sticking closely to that agenda, the corporate state assures all those who have their hands in the public's pockets that they will be taken care of, thus keeping them in line as they push through the agenda in order to get theirs.

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